Sunday, December 14, 2008

Fun With the Siblings

Have I mentioned that I love my Moroccan siblings? They have a lot in common with my biological siblings: they're funny, they love to laugh, and they love me! :)

Photo 549.jpg

So, when I busted out Photo Booth on my laptop, it was an instant success.

Photo 546.jpg

The four of us had a great time getting into wacky poses and making ourselves look as silly as possible.

Photo 474.jpg

The two-headed monster was a pretty popular pose.

Photo 525.jpg

As was the "we're-getting-sucked-into-a-wind-tunnel."

Note to readers: I do wear makeup sometimes. I promise.

Photo 518.jpg

We started laughing so hard that Brahim scolded us. I guess there are neighbors or something.

Photo 447.jpg

Our quietness lasted about fifteen seconds because Karim convinced Zourikha to get in on the act.

Photo 531.jpg

And that was pretty funny all by itself.

Photo 551.jpg

I showed these pictures to Khadija later, and she laughed hysterically. Then she created the above gem.

I love these guys.

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