Saturday, December 6, 2008

How to Be a Good Student in Morocco


Always bring a notebook to class. Your teacher will refer to this as your copy book. Your copy book can be of whatever design you want it to be. Bonus points if it has princesses on the cover.


Take copious notes in your copy book.


(These are some of the notes taken from my lesson on American Weddings.)


(I thought it was funny to notice what the students had written down.)


Use different colored pens.


Colorful pen are not girly in Morocco. Even the toughest young men have multi-colored writing utensils.


The atmosphere is far different from American teachers mandating that assignments be completed in blue and black ink.


In fact, teachers often encourage you to use different colored inks when writing in order to differentiate between parts of speech, definitions, etc.


Especially gifted students will master the art of holding two pens at a time, in order to better facilitate switching colors.


Additionally, students should write in their textbooks. It is especially advisable that students write the Arabic equivalents to English words.

Following these simple tips should ensure a successful experience in the Morocco Education System. Or, at least, at the Lycee in Tahnaoute.

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