Monday, December 1, 2008

Jardin Majorelle

Jardin Majorelle is in Marrakech. It's a beautiful garden. It's very quiet and serene. It was fun to wander around with my camera taking lame pictures.


Most of the plants in the garden were cacti.


Since I spent some of my formative years living in Las Vegas, I was prepared not to be impressed. Until I saw these babies. Can you tell that they look fuzzy? Has anybody ever seen fluffy cacti before? I hadn't. I was duly impressed. Two thumbs up.


Jardin Majorelle was also home to significant quantities of aloe plants. I thought about breaking a leaf (is that what they're called?) open, but I wasn't sure what the Moroccan legal policy was on aloe breakage. I'd hate to go to an African prison for the sake of satisfying a curious whim.


The garden also had colorful flowers.

Small Flower Edit.jpg

Good thing I spent $900 on a macro lens so that I could get shots like this, huh Steve?

Purple Flowers Edit.jpg

This was my favorite flower shot. I'm kind of a sucker for purple.


This, however, was my favorite shot of the day. Turtles! I heart turtles! They were so outrageously cute stretching their tiny necks that I couldn't resist taking a pictures. Despite my 105mm lens, this was as close as I could get (they were kind of far away).


Fun fact: people in Morocco (probably tourists) carve their names into stalks of bamboo. It never would have occurred to me to carve my initials (or Steve's) into a stalk of bamboo. I guess my love doesn't run as deep as Ronald's (or did Ronald just exhibit a healthy sense of self worth by carving his full name? I really can't tell).


As a bonus, I got this great shot of Brahim's brother Ahmed. This the person with whom I have spent hours walking through the streets of Marrakesh. Two thumbs up.


hollylynn said...

love love love your photos

Breezi said...

Wow... I am so green with envy right now about your wonderful experiences!.
Beautiful photos.

kat said...

I am having better luck with the pitures these days, maybe my computer was just throwing a tends to hate me. These pictures are beautiful! If and when you have the time you should check out blog it is amazing and she has some great photography tips...not that you need any. Just a warning, her blog is crazy addicting. Be safe!

Dorese said...

What a beautiful garden, and huge kudos to you for capturing the beauty! I always knew I was inept at really understanding and producing good pictures... and then I got my very own SLR. Your pictures leave me admiring :).