Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Shishmaref Scrapbook


This picture looks like something boring. It is, however, something very un-boring.


Before I came to Morocco one of my coworkers brilliantly suggested that I have my kids help me make a scrapbook about life in Shishmaref.


I ordered prints of a bunch of my Flickr pictures. Then I had the kids write descriptions of what was in the pictures.


They described different types of Eskimo Food...


and Eskimo games. They're written descriptions were pretty good. They even included some Inupiaq words where appropriate. I was proud.


One of the best parts of the scrapbook was the mini-bios. Every student in the school filled out a questionnaire about their favorite foods, activities, etc., even the little kids.


My big kids did it too. Their bios were slightly less adorable (due mainly to the fact that they largely avoided the spelling errors of the elementary students), but no less enjoyable to read. (Hey Big Kids! Just because I think the little kids are adorable doesn't mean I love you less!)


It was a lot of work, but the above picture shows the reaction of the Moroccan students. They were fascinated, and they crowded around the book so they could each see every page. Worth it. Definitely worth it.


Breezi said...

how fun!
What a great idea! I love it

jake said...

awesome juxtaposition. Moroccan kids reading about Eskimo kids. I loved the picture.

Sarah said...

wow! that is totally cool. i love seeing all of these pictures so i can live vicariously through people who live in and visit exotic places!