Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sidi Kaouki


Just a short drive from Essaouira is Sidi Kaouki. It is a beautiful. If you ever make it to the Atlantic Coast of Morocco, it's definitely worth a drive. One thing that contributed to its perfectness was that there were very few people there.


(Almost) just me, the waves, and the beautiful scenery. I took off my shoes, rolled up my jeans, and waded in the water for a while. It was very tranquil.


There were also a handful of surfers.


I'd never seen real life surfers before.


It was kind of fun.


I also got to see surfers wipe out.


Which was also kind of fun.


I know most of these surf pictures look the same, but I liked them all, so you, my captive audience, were subject to them. I love the waves. I love the sky. I mostly love that I wasn't the one swimming in the VERY COLD water.


This was my favorite surfing picture of the day. I don't know. Something about the color of the water and the sky and the waves. Ahhhhhh...

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hollylynn said...

seriously. your photos. i love them.