Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Drive to the Desert

We had a few days off from school for Moroccan Independence Day. Brahim, Ahmed, and I met up with a couple of other Fulbright teachers to travel to Southern Morocco.


The drive was stunning. It took us through the High Atlas Mountains, canyons, and eventually the desert. There were lots of little villages tucked on the side of the mountains.


We saw a lot of this striking red color.


I took a lot of pictures through the window of our moving car, resulting in many shots like this. Stupid truck. Get out of the way.


Eventually Brahim started pulling over so that I could take pictures while standing still. (Thanks Brahim!!!) I love this shot of the mud houses with the terraces in the background.


Another Moroccan village.


Fall in Morocco. It makes me laugh that I had to go all the way to Africa to see leaves change color. Shishmaref is completely treeless.


Close up of the terraces because I think they deserve one.


There were occasionally little stores on the side of the room. We stopped at this one to get a drink and take a little walk.


I got to see a donkey!!!


There were also random restaurants along the route. We stopped at this one for breakfast...


and enjoyed this view.


This is the Dades Gorge.


This is my Fulbright partner Brahim and me in the Dades Gorge. One of these days I will post a normalish picture of Brahim. You know, one where he isn't making any silly faces or acting like a goofball.


This is my favorite picture from the drive. The reddish color makes me feel warm inside. Also, notice that the moon is in the sky.

It was a gorgeous drive. Unfortunately, it was also the first drive of my life during which I got carsick. The windy roads were simply too much for me to handle. Thankfully, a combination of dramamine, sitting in the front, and a few well-timed stops prevented any major spewage.

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Ben and Missy said...

These pictures are gorgeous! If it weren't for the houses, you would think you were in southern Utah. The landscape is so similar.