Sunday, November 23, 2008

Jardin Menara

Jardin Menara, Marrakech, Morocco

Ahmed took me to Jardin Menara. Jardin means garden.

Pool Front View.JPG

It was built in the 12th century by the Alhomad Dynasty. (Hey Lonely Planet! Thanks for publishing your "Morocco" book to remind me of the date and name of the dynasty!)

Pool Palm Trees.JPG

It was very tranquil. There were only a few tourists there. Ahmed said it is more popular at night.


The very nice pool is home to a bunch of fish. You know the ones. They make the sound, "Thlllllggghhhhh, thllllggghhhhh, thlllggghhhhh" while sucking up anything thrown in their general direction. These fish were devouring bread. The bread was sold by Moroccan men who are masters at preying on tourists who enjoying seeing African fish do exotic things like slurp bread.

After we walked around the pool, we stopped at a little cafe nearby where I participated in the age-old tourist tradition of paying 15 dirhams for a can of Fanta.

Note to readers: 15 dirhams equals about two dollars.

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