Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My Moroccan Siblings

I am lucky enough to be in a host family with children. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Loubna by Angie.jpg

This is Loubna. She is the oldest at 17. She is my Moroccan BFF. We share a similar quality: will will laugh at anything. Anything. ANYTHING. One of our favorite games is mocking television commercials. Since the same ones come on time after time, we have a lot of time to perfect our routines. Our favorite commercials are for Pepsi and Sunsilk because they're so easy to make fun of.

Loubna loves the Internet. She likes to watch music videos on YouTube and chat with her friends on MSN Messenger. Loubna and I go to Internet cafes together a lot. Loubna speaks excellent English.

Here are a few other faces of Loubna:




This is Sara. She is 13. She is quieter than Loubna, but she still likes to laugh. Sara is just learning English. The first thing she said to me when I met her was, "Nice to meet you. Welcome to Morocco." I was impressed. Sara likes to make pictures. She draws very well.

Here are a few more faces of Sara:




This is Karim. I wanted to take a picture to show all of my readers how absolutely incredibly adorable he his. He melts my heart. Unfortunately, he wasn't cooperating...


He did manage to pose like a murderous psychopath, which was fun.


He also makes really good crazy faces. He doesn't speak any English, so I spend a lot of time analyzing his facial expressions.


As you can tell, Karim is a riot. I crack up every time I look at him.


I finally got a good shot of him while he was laughing at Tom and Jerry. This is the face that I love.

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Breezi said...

I Love your Moroccan siblings! They look like they are a blast to be with :o)