Saturday, November 15, 2008

Experiences Everyone Should Have- 1

Riding in the back of a grand taxi sandwiched between two Moroccan men while passing your I-pod ear buds back and forth.

Teaching one of the Moroccan men how to operate the I-pod and then listening through one ear bud as he navigates through songs and figures out the volume.

Suppressing laughter as the music he settles on is the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

Life is good...

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Chunks of Reality said...

My husband is from Casablanca, Morocco and we really enjoyed reading your blog. We especially liked reading about the Hammam (bath).

When my husband was a boy he used to go to the hammam and build empires with the buckets and a bunch of friends. Over time they would take buckets from people who put shampoo on their heads and didn't see them take it and over time build walls with the buckets.

He said that it may be an enjoyable experience for you to be the Queen of the hammam. :) LOL

Where exactly are you staying now in Morocco and how long do you expect to stay?