Sunday, November 30, 2008

Public Bath Experience II

Hammam II.JPG

I shared my second hammam experience with Carrie and Khadija. This was the ideal combination of ladies to accompany to the hammam. Carrie had never been before, so I got to feel all experienced, wise, and "with it" as I explained to her what to do. But, Khadija was there to fall back on when I forgot the order of the steps or where exactly I was supposed to hang my towel.

The steps progressed pretty much like my first experience. I was kind of hoping that slightly less skin and dirt would peel off of my body the second time. It didn't happen. I guess it HAD been ten days since my last scrape down. That must have been enough time for the dead skin cells and dirt to accumulate.

Despite it being her initial hammam experience, Carrie noticed something that had previously escaped my attention: the walls of the hammam are heated. Hammams are powered by large fires. The fires heat large quantities of water, and the water runs through the walls, making them warm to the touch. Hmmmmmppphhhh.

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