Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Moroccan Breakfast

It's better for the entire world if I eat breakfast. Life is not good for anybody if I'm hungry. Unfortunately, in Shishmaref I usually don't get up early enough to eat breakfast. Hey First Hour! So sorry!

Lucky for me, in Morocco somebody always makes breakfast for me. And, it is a lot more elaborate than the half baguette I usually grab on my way to school.


Moroccan breakfasts consist of several dishes. This is siffa. It is a mixture of rice, couscous, butter, sugar, and raisins sprinkled with nutmeg (at least I think it is nutmeg. Khadija and Ahmed were unsure of the English translation, so I had to smell the jar). This is my favorite breakfast dish.


This is Moroccan French Toast. Pieces of baguette are dipped in eggs and milk with sugar. The drenched pieces are fried in oil. This is dipped in jam. Yummy!


Various cookies and treats. Yes!


Mint tea. Most Moroccans drink green tea steeped with mint leaves. Since I don't drink green tea, Khadija makes me a purely herbal version with fresh mint leaves steeped in hot water and mixed with LOTS of sugar.


This is herida (note to readers: that is a purely phonetic spelling). Khadija and Loubna both call it soup. It's kind of a very thin cream of wheat. Sometimes it's seasoned with spices.

So many choices!!! Breakfast never consists of just one thing. A buffet every day... Life is good...

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Ben and Missy said...

Ooh, I love breakfast food. Those sound like some great choices. Plus you don't have to make it... BONUS!