Thursday, November 13, 2008

Learning to Write in Arabic


This is my name in Arabic. I wrote it myself.

Note to readers: Arabic is read from right to left!


This is Steve's name in Arabic. There is no 'v' sound in Arabic, so I had to settle for an 'f' sound. Steef...Steef...Steef. I like it.


As you can see, It took a lot of practice before I was able to write Steve's name. Even after all my practice, my Arabic penmanship is not very good. Although, Brahim tells me it's better than my English penmanship. :)


This is my first name written in calligraphy. It was done by Brahim's brother Achmed.


These are some of Achmed's sketches of my name in different versions of Arabic calligraphy. Quick sketches. Wow.


mackey family said...

Hey Miss Angie! I'm sorry I haven't commented yet, I've been busy, but I've been following and checking in on your adventures in Morocco, and am loving it. So interesting! I think my favorite post was the public bath one...I seriously don't know if I could do that. Anyway, this "adventure" for you sounds so fun and I am learning quite a bit from it! Keep up the interesting posts!

Dan and Katherine Miller said...

Okay I just love your blogs/posts whatever they are called! What an adventure! I agree with the mackey family I dont know if I could do the public bath but if thats what you do then I guess I would! How often do the people go to the public Bath houses? Anyways, I love learning all these new things about different cultures!