Saturday, November 15, 2008

Moroccan Shivery

During our discussion on American Marriages, I told one of Brahim's classes about one of Shishmaref's wedding traditions: the shivery. I had never witnessed a shivery before coming to Shishmaref, so here's a rundown.

At about midnight people from the village crowd around the house of the bride and groom (or the house of their parents if that's where they are staying).

A group of men run into the house and grab the groom. They carry him above their heads and run around the house. The crowd cheers like crazy.

The groom is carried back inside the house.

The bride and groom come out and throw candy, money, cigarettes, etc. to the crowd. Everybody screams, cheers, and scrambles for the goodies.

The students were very excited when I explained the shivery because it turns out, they do the SAME THING IN BERBER VILLAGES! Too funny...small villages in Alaska have the same traditions as small villages in Morocco...

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Jac said...

That is awesome! We should do that here in California too. In fact when My brother finally gets married I think a bunch of us will try to pull this off.

This may lead to substantial bruising as he is a somewhat awkward fellow and quite a bit taller than me. He tends to be a bit on the non-humorous side past 9pm as well.

Wish me luck!