Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Souq

In Tahnaoute Tuesday is souq day. A souq (soook) is like market. Brahim took me to the souq after our classes on Tuesday.

Souk from a Distance.jpg

The souq is located in Old Tahnaoute. This is a view from a distance.

Donkey Parking Lot.jpg

One of the very coolest features of the souq is the donkey parking lot. Los of people come from Tahnaoute and the surrounding villages to buy and sell things at the souq. They carry their things on donkeys. This is where the donkeys wait while the buying and selling happens.

Souk Barber.jpg

Barbers at the souq.

Tooth for Tourists.jpg

The friendly barbers will call you over to look at a human tooth in yankers (apparently barbers double as dentists). Then the friendly barbers will ask you for money.

Butcher at Souk.jpg

Your neighborhood souq butcher. Brahim said that many people will buy a week's worth of food and take it back to their village.






Bananas (duh).

Eggplant and Carrots.jpg

Eggplants, carrots, and something else (Achmed told me the name of it, but I forgot. I know, I know, I'm the least informative blogger ever...)

Tomatoes and Oranges.jpg

I was amazed by how unadulterated all of the produce was. It literally looks like it was just plucked from the ground/tree/etc.

Souk Craziness.jpg

This is the souq in all its craziness.

Glasses for Sale.jpg

In addition to food, you can also buy lots of stuff at the souq. I asked Brahim's daughter before I left what they sell at the souq. She said, "Everything." She was right. Glasses, teapots, cell phone chargers, batteries, buckets, shoes, clothes, everything.

Bottles of Oil.jpg

The everything is just spread out all hodge podge. You have to go from stall to stall looking for what you need.

Moroccan Men.jpg

Each stall is manned by Moroccan men.

Visiting at the Souk.jpg

Most of the people at the souq were men, but there were a couple of women.

Brahim Walking Home.jpg

This is Brahim on the way home after the souq. He was hauling a bunch of produce in his bag.


It turns out that I like donkeys...

Donkey Last.jpg

I took lots of pictures of them on the way from the souq. Brahim's children thought this was hysterical.


hollylynn said...

i'm your biggest fan.

your photos are SO COOL!

Ben and Missy said...

How amazing to see that! Your photos are so raw. Morocco seems like another planet to me...