Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Wildlife Watch on the Way to School

I do not want to see animals on my way to school in Shishmaref. During the winter, they would probably be the carnivorous kind, and I'd run away screaming.

Sheep Profile.jpg

In Tahnaoute, the animals I see on the way to school are cute and cuddly looking.

Sheep Eating.jpg

Well, sort of. At least I'm not afraid that any of these animals are going to eat me.

Another Sheep Eating.jpg

They didn't even pay any attention to me. They just kept eating.


I really wanted to get a picture of the front of this little lamb.


Don't run away little lamb! Let me photograph you! He didn't cooperate...

Shepherd and Sheep.jpg

Luckily I didn't have to be disappointed for long because I was able to get this shot of the shepherd with some of the sheep. (The shepherd is kind of hiding behind the tree, but I promise he's there.)

Brown Goat!!!.jpg
Brown Goat!!!.jpg

We also saw goats!!!

Goats Eating.jpg
Goats Eating.jpg

These little goats were seriously mowing down.

One Goat Eating.jpg
One Goat Eating.jpg

I thought their little horns were insanely adorable, but not adorable enough to touch.

Goats Standing.jpg
Goats Standing.jpg

Some of the goats were so anxious to eat that they were standing on two legs to eat from the trees. I'd never seen goats do that before...

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