Monday, November 24, 2008

Shopping for Hammam Supplies

I went shopping with Khadija for my own hammam supplies. This is what we came home with...


Shampoo. Khadija picked it out for me.


The red bowl is for scooping water out of my bucket. The green container is for my soap. The blue bag is to hold all of my things in the hammam.


This is an exfoliation glove. You wear it over your hand and use it to remove the skin from your body.


My bags were stuffed when I came to Morocco, so I left my towel in Shishmaref. That turned out to be a mistake. Buying a new one cost me 70 dirhams.

Note to readers: 70 dirhams = about $8.14

$8.14 does not seem like an outrageous price for a bath towel. But, if you felt how thick it was, you would understand why I was appalled. Grrr...


This is a pathetic picture, but it's of my bath mat. It's for laying down on the floor of the hammam before you sit down.

All together, I spent about 200 dirhams. (Not pictures are some beautiful gold and red plastic sandals I bough to wear in the hammam.)

Note to readers: 200 dirhams = $23.20


kat said...

I love reading about your experiences over there! I don't know if I am the only one but I seem to be having problems seeing a lot of the pictures posted. Maybe it is just technology hating me. Even without the pictures it is fun just to read about what you are up to!
~Katherine Troutman

LuvNmyAO said...

Angie, iam running IE 7 i have Safari on here as well will try that.

brahim said...

your experience in the hammam seems to be very exciting; a good reason to build one in your school!!!!!!! Hahahahaha